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As a small business owner supporting the film industry celebrating 50 years in business , (run by my husband and myself for 40 ) I was in need of a H.R. Consultant immediately when Covid closed us down in March on 2020. My previous consultant had just retired and I was at a complete loss what to do. Since that day, Selina has been by my side expertly handling the most challenging 2 1/2 years we have had in business. She is incredibly intelligent, and knowledgeable about her field and goes the extra mile to listen to problems from both the employee and employers point of view. She is articulate in her delivery and analysis of complex matters and her ability to calm down employees ineven the most difficult situations is impressive. We would be extremely fortunate to have Selina as part of the SCV City Council. She would bring a much needed fresh voice to the work that needs to be done in our diverse, growing community. She has my endorsement and my vote. — Rhonda Vigeant
Owner, Pro8mm

I am proud to endorse Selina Thomas for city council. Selina is intelligent, articulate, and well versed on our community’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth and impact. She also has a strong track record of helping students and business owners succeed. I have found her to be fair, of sound judgment, committed and focused on SCV community goals. Importantly, she knows how to bring people together and bridge divisions and has the heart of a servant leader. Selina will not only bring SCV a vision of progress, but will also understand the nuts and bolts necessary to get things done! — Lisa Raggio
Co-owner - One True North

I was first referred to Selina when we had to shut down our business at the beginning of Covid in March of 2020. She expertly helped us navigate this difficult time , put protocols in place so we could safely return to work , and worked with individual employees as needed. Todays, Selina handles all our HR and is a valuable part of our overall operation. She has an amazing rapport with our team and is well respected. She understands the dynamics if a small family business and offers frameworks and solutions that are creative and make business sense. I endorse her for Santa Clarita City Council. From what I have seen of her work ethic, intelligence and ability to communicate , I think she is exactly what our city needs. — Rhonda Vigeant
Business owner

Selina is the real deal . She has a heart of gold and a passion for her community . I know she will do wonders for this community ! — Elizabeth Tarantini

We wholeheartedly endorse Selina Thomas for City Council! We know she will make a positive impact on our community and agree with everything she stands for. — Tom & Loretta Tunnicliffe

Selina Thomas is an outstanding resource and force for good for small business owners. Selina navigates the labyrinth of employment issues for small businesses and understands the challenges they face. Selina is a champion for small businesses, the backbone of America and the backbone of Santa Clarita. Selina is a single mom who understands the needs of families and will bring her business acumen and personal compassion to serve her neighbors and the Santa Clarita community. Selina will be a tremendous asset to the Santa Clarita City Council and will be an excellent representative for her community! — Larri Sue Jones

Selina Thomas is an absolutely amazing woman and business owner who truly goes above and beyond for her community. I first met Selina after gifting my berries at our office in Valencia. She immediately wanted to meet me and connect me with people and opportunities to help my business grow. Recently, she heard about me hiring staff for my collaboration with HBO Max. She set up a meeting offering her advice and outstanding HR services. Her expertise truly helped steer me in the right direction. She even followed up with me afterwards to ask how everything turned out, and I was sure to let her know her services helped make it a true success! It’s evident that helping people and business owners is her passion and purpose, and she shows this in everything she does. She is a genuine, hardworking, woman who is truly dedicated to improving her community on so many levels. I’m excited to continue to work with her and am confident she will truly make a great impact on this community. — Liana Serio
Owner/Founder Liana Treat & Berry LLC

Selina Thomas is an incredible, intelligent, thoughtful and caring business woman who goes above and beyond into helping her daughters and community become prosperous.  As a doctor, mother and homeowner raising my family here I want to see her represent all the the great things in SCV.  It is with honor that I endorse Ms. Selina for Santa Clarita City Council 2022 — Dr. Edith Ellis

A breath of fresh air! Yes, that's what we always want every so often, and now is the time for another! I met Selina Thomas a short time ago and was amazed at the kind of quality or should I say qualities that I found in this woman. She will make an excellent addition to the City Council of Santa Clarita, but she needs your vote. Please help to put her in that seat this November. There will be a number of meet and greet opportunities coming up, so don't miss out on meeting this refreshing, focused and dedicated candidate. — Kat Kombrinck

I first met Selina when I was asked to host a fundraiser. Since then I’ve gotten to know Selina and her daughters and some of her friends. I can’t say enough about what an asset she is to Santa Clarita. Caring, intelligent, thoughtful and such a hard worker who can outwork most people! If ever there was a candidate so qualified to be elected it is my friend Selina Thomas! Comedian Marty Ross America's Got Talent  — Marty Ross

I Brandon Ashford, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Coordinator- Happily and I heartedly endorse Selina Thomas for City Council 2022! — Brandon Ashford
DEI Coordinator

Professional, thoughtful, compassionate leader. What else could you ask for? — Thomas Morgan
Director- Scrum

I fully endorse and support Selina Thomas for City Council for the City of Santa Clarita. Her impartiality, business and community leadership, civic engagement, as well as her compassion for her fellow Santa Clarita Valley residents is noteworthy. Her presence within the Council will undoubtedly be an asset. Best regards, Sedric E. Collins Founding Attorney Legacy One Law Firm — Sedric Collins

Ms. Selina Thomas is an amazing candidate who has endless energy, when it comes to helping others. She is bright, intelligent and open in her thinking. Her drive to commit to the communities need is what all voted leaders should encompass. She represents all people. Knowing her personally, I can definitely say she is an honest, true human being. — Suzy Kim-Katona

Selina has been a God send since providing our local security business with Human resources. We used to wing it, and me and my wife would go at it as to laws and how to handle things. Selina as turned our business into the 21th century. Selina takes our calls personally and gets right to work alleviating us of our headaches. Why Selina? She's in touch with our local community and while she is extremely professional she has a soft touch. Lets bring someone on with real behind the scenes business experience. Vote Selina Thomas November 2022! — Bruce & Debbie Aronson Secure Tech

Selina Thomas is one of the most intelligent and driven individuals I’ve met. Selina has played a vital role as our HR consultant for many years. She has helped us navigate the challenges that have arisen through the pandemic as well as, ensuring our business stays operational and in compliance within the local and state laws. Selina represents honesty and reliability which makes her the most qualified candidate to be a member of the Santa Clarita City Council. Therefore, I happily endorse Selina Thomas for City Council on November 2022 — Josh Abramson Allbright Painting

For the past several years, Rowland Air has entrusted Selina with our business for up to date state, federal, and industry standard laws & regulations. We are happy to see such a high-caliber professional support Santa Clarita! We proudly endorse Selina Thomas for City Council — Lindsay Rowland Rowland Air

Selina was referred to me several years ago by a friend to help my commercial clients with their HR needs. Literally one of the best referrals I have ever received. Selina has become an integral asset to so many of my commercial clients. Covid 19 has proven to be an HR nightmare. Selina has been the back bone for my clients. Always there with the answers through these crazy times of uncertainty and never ending changes and requirements. I am so appreciative of all of her efforts. Vote Selina Thomas November 3rd for positive change. — Tim Holland

Although I’ve worked in the SCV for years, I just recently moved here, as it’s a great place for my family. Growing more familiar with the community over the years, it’s easy to understand why Selina is the right choice for City Council. Entrepreneurship is vital to this community, and has taken a hit with recent events. I can’t think of anyone who has their pulse on the business community like Selina. Not to mention, as a mother she’s deeply invested in building upon the SCV’s legacy of being a great place to raise a family. It seems to be a no brainer. My vote is going to Selina! — Dorian Ridgely

Selina has been such an amazing addition to our practice. Her continuous drive and determination is really admiring. She has always been such a joy to have around. The calm to any storm, Selina is always there for us. On a personal side, we have seen her continuous love and support for her children and her community. She truly shows her love for her community, day in and day out. She never stops! A strong woman with a bold statement. There is no other woman who can do it better! We will be cheering you on every step of the way! — Virella Neurosurgery

Selina has been a steadfast supporter of me through the difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. I work as a teacher and had to file for unemployment benefits. When my benefits were delayed, I was left worried and without a clear option on how to receive the benefits I certified for. Selina has been an invaluable asset in navigating the government websites and a great advocate for my voice. Smart, attentive, and caring - Selina Thomas is a great leader and supporter of her community. — Jeremy Breddan

Selina does work for our organization and she has been invaluable! I was thrilled to find out that she is running for City Council. Selina has the qualities needed for a Councilmember: she is thoughtful, smart, experienced and fair. She is a good listener and is empathetic. The residents of Santa Clarita would be lucky to have someone like her as their representative. All too often people want to be councilmembers for the wrong reasons. She is not doing this for herself, she is doing this to represent the community as a leader who can shepherd the city through these difficult times. I wish she lived in Hermosa Beach - I would have loved to serve with her. Carolyn Petty, client and former Mayor and Councilmember, City of Hermosa Beach — Carolyn Petty

My Husband and I moved to Santa Clarita in 2004. My kids were born and raised here and we have offered this city and our community so much of our time. Then in 2008 things changed for us. When we met Selina we were trying to bounce back from Real Estate and we met with her to help us with our new business planning. She was a breath of fresh air and soon we became friends. I am supporting my friend because I know her work ethic, I know her drive to do things the right way, and her passion for the well being of our entire community. Selina has nothing to hide nor any side deals to get her at the table. I love her honesty and compassion for the people. We all should VOTE for Selina Thomas regardless of your loyalty to a party because she's the Best Candidate for the position! — Kacey Thorps

Selina Thomas for City Council Is a major WIN for Santa Clarita! I have known her for 3 years, and have seen her do the right thing over, and over, and over again. Her work ethic is deep rooted and applies to all areas of her life, both professionally and personally. As a self-made business woman herself, she is the most qualified person to represent the hardworking people of Santa Clarita. — Natalie Downey Luxury Flush

I have known Selina as both as small business owner and a resident of Santa Clarita for over five years. She is a fierce advocate for small business, and is a small business HR resource for her clients. Selina is fair, honest and understands the issues that impact the Santa Clarita community, as well as the state and national issues that are being faced during this pandemic. Selina has exhibited strength of character and integrity in both her business and personal life. She is a natural communicator and a born leader. Selina will be a tremendous asset to the Santa Clarita City Council. — Larri Sue Jones

I don't know where our small business in Santa Clarita would be without Selina! She has provided us with invaluable support as we grow and thrive- our success is her success. Her passion, knowledge, and dedication to helping small businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley is unparalleled. If there was ever a perfect candidate for City Council, it's Selina Thomas. — Jessica Hicks JKH Group

As a small business owner, dentist and community member I was so grateful to have the support from Selina Thomas during the pandemic It was great news to see her announce that she was running for City Council she will be an incredible voice and advocate help in the recovery. — Kambiz Kamangar

"It gives me great pleasure to see Ms. Selina Thomas running as councilwoman for the City of Santa Clarita. I am the owner of Uninex International and have been a client of Mrs. Thomas' for several years. She has been our HR Business Consultant and brings exceptional support, professionalism and integrity to our company. I am sure she will apply those same attributes to City Council. Santa Clarita will greatly benefit from her skills and competency." — Daniel Tai Owner President Uninex International

Selina has been not only a professional colleague but a friend for over 7 years. She is an incredible professional, mother and member of the community. Her ethics and integrity are things we should all model. Santa Clarita would do nothing but benefit from her representation! — Donna Urrutia

I have known Selina for over 10 years. We were neighbors for quite some time and I really got to know her as a person. I'm so happy that she will be running for City Council as her thoughts, beliefs, and ideas are all what our city needs in today's climate. She will definitely be a huge moral asset in making decisions for our city! — Pat Battistini

I’ve been a SCV resident for the past 4 years and I love it here! But like so many other cities across this country, there are some “new normals” that Santa Clarita will be realizing in the future. I believe Selina Thomas will be a strong voice in these changing times. A voice that will stand up for the people of SCV. I am endorsing Selina Thomas for City Council.

— Howard Hewett Grammy Award Winning Singer Song writer

I have known Selina for 6 years now, and I am proud to call her my friend. Her strength of character, her courage, and her commitment to our community, never wavers. A loving mother, devoted daughter, and exceptional business woman, Selina Thomas tackles every project she takes on with both dignity and determination, and I am proud to endorse her for city council. — Ann Vigneron

I’m so very happy to sincerely endorse Selina, she is the most compassionate understanding kind person you’ll ever find. Exactly the kind of leader we need she’ll make a terrific member of the City Council! — Annamarie Verano

I met Selina over 8 years ago. I have been inspired and motivated throughout the years by her drive, love, and passion for her family, community, and her business. During this current pandemic, Selina took leadership by consistently keeping the public informed about how to navigate through this difficult time with government and employment rights and options throughly, professionally, and compassionately. I am certain she will be all these qualities for the city of Santa Clarita. I proudly endorse Ms. Selina Thomas for City Council! — Chakay Smith

So excited to see someone I know, like and trust, run for City council. Selina Thomas is the real deal. Follow her and learn what many of us already know. She part of our tribe of associates for good in Santa Clarita. Please get out the vote. It is really important this year! — Ed Bernstein

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