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Selina has a 5 POINT PLAN for addressing the issues that affect residents in the city of Santa Clarita. 

  1. Create a TASK FORCE that includes representatives from local law enforcement, treatment agencies, clergy, education, and parent and youth leaders to create an effective plan for dealing with the FENTANYL CRISIS in a timely manner

  2. Continue the excellent work the council has been doing in creating a safe, attractive community and expand upon it with a SMART GROWTH INITIATIVE that would encourage more infill projects and projects that will be multi-use focused. Vista Canyon, a self-sustaining, transit-oriented, mixed-use community in Canyon Country being built by JSB Development in Valencia, includes a water recycling plant, affordable housing and commercial space. When finished, the community will have its own metro stop with a parking lot and roads to alleviate traffic. Selina believes that this is the way of the future for Santa Clarita. Additionally, attracting more dining and retail options to the city is high on her list of priorities.

  3. Encourage the creation of a COALITION to address HOMELESSNESS in our city, specifically Measure H. The current city council has made inroads on this issue, but Selina’s proposed commission would be dedicated to finding effective solutions with backing and resources from the city.

  4. Selina aligns with LA County Supervisor, Kathryn Barger, in designating Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall in Sylmar to serve as a Secure Youth Treatment Facility rather than at Camp Scott which is in a residential area within our city limits.

  5. Selina will propose introducing QUARTERLY TOWN HALLS and SMALL BUSINESS ROUNDTABLES to create direct dialog between the community and the council. Her COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT proposal will include collaboration with COC on job fairs and support from the city for COC’s Economic Development Division.

Committee to Elect Selina Thomas
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