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Selina's Top 5 Priorities:

  1. Fiscal Responsibility
  2. Support and recovery to Small Business Owners
  3. Return to schools and organized sports
  4. Public Safety
  5. Developing an inclusive community through civil engagement and participation


Selina is dedicated to assisting the community in the social and economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. With local schools, businesses and support services greatly affected it is paramount to Ms. Thomas that she be on the front line to creating solutions and providing hope in the coming years. As a daughter of an Air Force Veteran Selina is committed to hearing and representing the voices of Veterans and their families. As a parent of two students at Saugus High School the recovery process of last years tragedy is near and dear to her. Ms. Thomas has great respect for law enforcement and does not believe de-funding the police is the answer. She believes the answer is funding in areas that support social issues such as mental health and domestic violence must be increased so that law-enforcement have partners in community policing. Additionally, she feels developing improved hiring and vetting processes for law-enforcement candidates and extended training during the academy and there after will provide law endorsement the additional tools needed when managing situations in the field that may be beyond their experience. Diversity training in law enforcement should be mandated required in addition to a diversity commission at the city council level. Ms. Thomas believes that fairness and equity must be within the city's mission statement in order to accomplish a truly inclusive community.

Overall Selina has a heart for people and service to the community.  With her years of experience in the field of social work and now as a business owner she is uniquely qualified in a changing time.  The community would greatly benefit from Selina's  compassion for people and positive innovative outlook for the future of Santa Clarita.


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