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Selina's Top 5 Priorities:

  1. Public Safety- Support and development of a task force to address the fentanyl crisis
  2. Economic Growth and Business Development-at a pace that makes sense
  3. Homelessness-Assistance in advocating for our homeless residents
  4. Support and Recovery - Address the current workforce issues for small businesses
  5. Developing an Inclusive Community-through civil engagement and outreach

Important Community Issues

Community is at the heart of Selina’s goal to serve Santa Clarita. A vibrant economy, a good education for our children, and safety in our homes and on our streets are the issues that are central to her message. Selina’s commitment to the business community stems from the knowledge that a healthy business community is the foundation of a vibrant economy, a good education, and a safe community.

It is from our parents that we learn what is most important. Selina is the daughter of an Air Force Veteran. From her father Selina learned the value of service and to respect and provide for those that have served. Her father, Dr. Gene Thomas went on to become a Superintendent of Schools in Arizona, and it is from this experience that Selina learned the value of education and the need to support our schools and our teachers.   

Selina is the proud parent of  three daughters, all current or former students at Saugus High School. When tragedy struck, Ms. Thomas advocated for the mental health of our students and joined the Wish Education Foundation Board of Directors ( ).  The outreach of this non-profit directly aligns with her commitment to enhancing the education for our children and a focus on student wellness.

The commitment to a maintaining a safe community means understanding the numerous challenges faced by the law enforcement community. Selina has great respect for law enforcement and believes one solution is increased funding in areas that support social issues such as mental health and domestic violence. Such support compliments our law enforcement efforts and allows the police a chance to focus on the areas for which they are trained. Selina also promotes investing in improving the hiring and vetting processes for law-enforcement candidates along with extending training at the academy to assist recruits in gaining the additional tools needed when managing situations that may be beyond their life experience. 

Service to the community with a focus on a strong economy, education, and safety are at the heart of Selina’s campaign. Ms. Thomas has 8 years of experience as a county social worker in Kern County, serving homeless women and child provides her with a unique insight to social issues. As a successful business owner dedicated to helping other businesses thrive, are a testament to her commitment to serving others and demonstrates that she is uniquely qualified to lead in a challenging time. Our community will benefit from Selina’s commitment and compassion for the people of Santa Clarita.  Support Selina Thomas for City Council November 8, 2022.

Committee to Elect Selina Thomas
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